Today’s Open Heavens Summary By DailyRevival

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Today’s Open Heavens Summary By DailyRevival

In today’s world, many people are caught up in doing things that might seem fun but are not good for them. It’s like they’re living for the moment without thinking about what happens tomorrow. Life on Earth is short, like a breeze passing by. There’s a place everyone goes after they die, and it’s forever.

Think about it: when that time comes for you, where would you want to be, in heaven or in a not-so-good place? The Bible talks about a day when God will separate people into two groups—those on His right and those on His left. It’s not about where you are now but where you’ll end up forever.

I’m not scared of dying because I know it’s just a doorway to being with God forever. But if you’re not sure where you’ll go after leaving this world, that might be scary. Everyone has a date with death, and when that day comes, I hope you’ll be on God’s right side. If you’re following God now, keep going. Pray that God helps you stand strong until the end. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been with God; if you turn away and don’t come back, that could be a problem. On the other hand, even if someone has done wrong for a long time, if they decide to follow God before they die, they can still make it to heaven. Just remember, it’s those who stay with God until the end who will be okay (Matthew 24:13).

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