Open Heaven 15 March 2019 Prayer Points on Today – Don’t Get Carried Away!

Open Heaven 15 March 2019 Prayer Points on Today – Don’t Get Carried Away!

(Open Heaven 15 March 2019)

*Thank God for what He has already done for you and for that which He's doing and for what He will yet do in your life, your family and His Church
*Plead the blood of Jesus to atone for every sin that may stand between you and your new song

*Take authority over every power within trying to discourage you from receiving your new song
*Silence every tongue rising in judgement against you that says you are not qualified for your new song
*Silence every tongue that wants to defer your new song
*Silence permanently every tongue despising and demeaning your new song
*Decree, no weapon fashioned against your new song shall prosper

Open Heaven 15 March 2019: [Friday] Daily Devotional By Pastor E.A Adeboye –Don’t Get Carried Away!

*Decree, any gathering against your new song and that of my family be scattered
*Pray that every power set out to discourage you at the edge of my joy, be frustrated 
* Pray that the spirit of envy and jealousy shall not prevail against you and your family
*By the blood of Jesus, receive and sing your new song this week and this month 
*Decree in your home, family and  church,  stale song be replaced with new song to the glory of God.
*Decree in your home, family and Church, song of regret, sorrow and mourning shall not be heard.
*Thank God for answers to your prayers in Jesus migthy name

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