Open Heaven 12 March 2019 Prayer Points on Today – Mountain Movers

Open Heaven 12 March 2019 Prayer Points on Today – Mountain Movers

(Open Heaven 12 March 2019)

1.    O Lord I praise you from everlasting to everlasting you are God.

2.    Father I praise you for your goodness and mercy that uphold me from January to this day

 I thank you Father for your faithfulness over me and my loved ones since the beginning of this year
4.    Thank you Lord for the abundant life and living hope I have in Jesus Christ
5.    Father this month I receive the grace to wait upon you every day in the name of Jesus
6.    The joy of the Lord is my strength and so daily with joy I draw water from my heavenly father's  well of salvation
7.    O Lord let my physical strength be renewed like that of the eagle in the name of Jesus
8.    Like Moses, I declare my strength shall not be abated and my eyesight shall not grow dim
9.    Physically and Spiritually I decree and declare, I shall not faint and I shall not fall this month of June

Open Heaven 12 March 2019: [Tuesday] Daily Devotional By Pastor E.A Adeboye – Mountain Movers

10. Daily from you O Lord, I receive the strength to mount up with wings as eagle
11. Daily from you O Lord, I receive the strength run without becoming weary and to walk without fainting
12. Father you are the God of inexhaustible riches and abundance, let all my depleted resources be resupplied this month in the name of Jesus
13. Jehovah Jireh, you provided refreshment for Samson in the wilderness; refresh me O Lord that I will not waste away in the wilderness of life
14. Father empower me for battle; teach my hands to war and my fingers to fight 
15. This month by the unfailing grace of God, I remove every virtue waster out my life
16. I decree in the name of Jesus, that my thirst for holiness, my passion for prayers and my zeal for the Lord's service shall be renewed daily
17. Thank you Lord for answering my prayers in Jesus mighty name. 

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