Arresting the arresters

Message from the holy ghost night

God has plans for everyone he created under the sun  (jer 1:4-5).
The work of arresters is to make sure you don't achieve this God's plan for your life. God's plan for us is the thought of Good and not of evil to give us an expected end (jer 29:11).But arresters want to destroy these plans (1 Sam 15:11-13, 1 Sam 17:34-37).

Arresters are enemies of progress!

Classes of arresters

1. External arresters
2. Internal arresters


This can be subdivided into spiritual and physical arresters.
External arresters/ Enemies are:

A) Appetite for food: This is the beginning of the year. As we know with God all things are possible with God.we all have expectations, but how can this come to manifestation when we are not walking with God. Fast and prayers is to make us have a closer walk with God. Our belly can deny us of our glorious expectation if we can't obey simple instruction to fast at the beginning of the year.
When you have eaten and become lazy to pray as you should, the arrester come and have his way.
Esau was an example who sold his birth right for food.This will not be our portion( gen 25;25-34, 1 cor 6:13, Phil 3:1-9).

Pastor E.A adeboye said he visited his child, the child prepared pounded yam and okro soup which was his favorite.As he wanted to eat god spoke to him that he should not eat.he attended the second time god still spoke " don't eat son" he said father this child can't poison me.The temptation was serious, he decided to eat. After 2 hour he was called that is elder sister have small pox. "how can i pray for small pox with stomach full of pounded" he said. Oh this is why God was saying don't eat.
He went to visit the sister. Before he pray he has to put his hand in his throat to vomit all he has eaten. Praise God that he was favored, not everyone of us might have that grace to vomit all. he eventually prayed and the sister was healed. Halleluyah

B)  lost of the flesh.

Hunger for unholy sex can make the arrester arrest a man.
 Reuben was arrested by his father's caused because he slept with his father's wife(gen 49:1-4, judges 16:1-31). Depart from  Adultery and fornication in order not to be arrested by he arresters.

     Note: immorality is greatly used by the arresters, the devil.

C)  Laziness; The bible makes us to know that a lazy man will be cloth with rags
(prov 13:4,prov 12:24,prov 19:15,prov 23:21). Yes ,God created you for greatness but if you don't      walk with God this glorious expectation will be destroyed by the arrester, the devil.  You can be the enemy of yourself if you refuse to do your work diligently and work out your salvation with fear and trembling.

Pastor E.A Adeboye said he advice his children who are schooling to always read their books despite church activities, because holy spirit helps us to use what we have.if you don't read, the holy spirit won't see any time in you to remind you about. The holy spirit can only comfort people that fail as a result of laziness and advice them to work  hard next time. God help those who help them self.

D) Violent temper/ anger: Anger lies in the bosom of a fool(prov 16:32, ecc 7:9).

The arrester found out that Moses was easily did he find out? He find out when an Israelite and an Egyptian were fighting. Moses was angered and he kill the Egyptian. So the arrester used it against Moses when he was leading the Israelite out of the land of Egypt.
Moses was angerybecause the Israelite were murmuring that they were thirsty,this made him disobeyed God and stroke the rock twice. This single act made him miss the promise land. You will not miss your destiny in Jesus name.
Another scenario was a man who bought a new car, he cherish the car so much. so one day he found his child scratching the car.he was so angry, the first thing he laid his hand on was an hammer. he used the hammer to hit the hand of the boy until it was damage.
when they went to the hospital, the doctor said all the finger has to be cut off. What a pity.
When the father got home,the boy asked the father when will my hand grow. The father went to the scratch portion of the car and he saw that the child has written " Daddy i love you". The man could not bear it than to commit suicide instead of killing him self (lol).

Be patient to anger .

Advantages of a child of God over the arresters

Arresting the arrester means God apprehending/ arresting the devil and it's agent for your sake.
It is the person God keeps that is kept.God is the God of man that can assist a man of God..
If you are a child of God,praise God because as a child of God

1) you are a voice not an echo( prov 6:2, prov 18:21)
2) you have divine back up (mat 18:18)
3) you have divine lamination isa 54:17
4) you are a prayer champion not a always warrior.
5) you have divine weapon. 2 kings 1:9-13, 1 kings 18:37-40.
6) God can arrest the arrester and make them bow for you as in the case of Joseph. God will always fight for you( prov 11:8).
7) God will make arrester kill one another other for your sake( 2 chron 20:21-22).
8) God will prepare a table in the presence of your arresters. You will eat they will pack the plates.(psm 23:5)
9) Arrester will make costly mistake that will turn to your favour(1 king 20.)

   If you want to surrender your life to Jesus. Recite this,
 "Lord Jesus
  I surrender my life to you
  I acknowledge you as my lord and personal saviour.
  Come into my life
  Forgive me of my sins.
  In jesus name.amen."

Note: Call this number for prayers and follow up, 08039243201 or Go to you church and tell your pastor that you just gave you life to Jesus christ.


These are ARRESTERS that runs in from generation to generation. Family wickedness or foes.
These arresters are caused by the actions been committed by ones lineage/ generation ,which brought cause(s) against that family from generation to generation. I can tell you that Jesus can break any ancestral cause. Halleluyah.

These internal enemies might want to arrest you because of your work with  Jesus Christ but they can't arrest you because jesus has over come the world (john 16:33). I declare in the name of Jesus that God will fight for you and you will hold you peace, Amen( exodus 14:14).

Pastor E.A Adeboye said they was a girl in his village who was a very fast athlete. When it was time for her to be taken to western country to run, she died. Hmm what a pity. A glorious destiny truncated.I pray that you life will not be truncated. Amen!
The father of the girl at the point of death confessed he killed his daughter because she was becoming popular. hmm,Internal arresters is very dangerous because they are close to you.

The good news I have for you is, one with Christ is majority. So pray for a closer walk with God to help you arrest your arresters in Jesus name.

Pray by pastor E.A Adeboye against arresters

1. Father! Every arrester in my generation be removed in Jesus name.

2. Father! Every arrester of my achievement bury them alive.

3. Every enemies of my progress father burn them.

4. Every force trying to interfere with me father roast them.

5. Father! Don't let my belly destroy me.

6. Don't let my sun set in the afternoon because of lost of the flesh.

7. Father! Don't let me be my own enemy. Take laziness away.

8. Don't let me destroy me glorious future. Take away hot temper.

In conclusion arrester can never arrest

1  A holy person(2kings 6:13-20, Dan 6:1-end)

2. A soul winner ( act 12:5-11, act 16:13-39)

    God bless you!!!

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