Pastor Faith Oyedepo: Saturday January 9, 2016 daily devotional – Hearty Engagement

 Topic: Hearty Engagement [Saturday 9 January, 2016] “And their nobles shall be of themselves, and their governor shall proceed from the midst of them; and I will cause him to draw near, and he shall approach unto me: for who is this that engaged his heart to approach unto me? saith the Lord.” - Jeremiah 30:21 I remember when I was very young; I was forced to participate in an exercise. They were like everyone was engaging in one activity or another, therefore I must be involved in something. To get off the hook, I had to engage and that activity didn’t profit me much. It wasn’t as if I couldn’t do it perfectly on a normal day, but my heart was not in it. So, I really didn’t put my best into it. Every productive venture that would bring profit to you must begin from the heart. I have come to realise that every success we celebrate was first achieved from the heart. That is why it is always advised to engage heartily in any task. Another opportunity for enlargement has been placed before you this year; you must engage heartily to get you desired breakthrough. One of the reasons why we pray and fast at the beginning of the year is that your expectation for the year is still fresh and nothing should be made to hamper with it. From glory to glory is ordained to be your experience, therefore your heart must be productively involved to make it happen for you. Read this: ‘Next Levels’ Career Breakthrough! “Although I began this year of Double Portion, Next Levels with a salary of 3.3 million naira, I still desired a change of level. During the 21-day prayer and fasting, I prayed earnestly with one of the prophetic declarations of the year, which says, ‘It is our year of the release of Joseph order of grace, turning every Winner into breadwinners of families, communities, nations and the world at large.’ In April, a multinational company invited me for an interview. Prior to the interview, the Bishop prophesied at one of the Sunday Services: ‘Everywhere you appear this year you will appear as the Commission.’ With this confidence, I went for the interview. Although I knew nobody there, I believed God for a miracle. By the grace of God, I went through series of interview. When it was time to discuss the commercial, the Holy Spirit said, ‘Don’t negotiate, God will negotiate for you.’ So, when I was asked for my terms of payment, I told them to make me an offer instead. Last week, I wanted to negotiate 8 million per annum, since it was almost three times my present salary per annum. But to the glory of God, I was offered 11 million per annum. Also, at my previous place of work, I managed clients within Lagos and its environment. But with this offer, I was appointed the product manager of West Africa for certain products. Furthermore, it was written in my offer letter that if I met my present key performance Indicator (KPI), instead of earning 11 million, I would earn 15.4 million per annum. In addition, I was told that within the first three months of my resumption, I would be trained in three countries-Kenya, Dubai and South Africa. I give God all the glory!” —Joy, A. For as many of you that desire this order of testimony, receive it in the name of Jesus Christ! Before the end of these 21 days, your testimony shall be complete in the name of Jesus Christ!
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