Pastor Faith Oyedepo: Monday January 11, 2016 daily devotional – Run To Obtain

                                     Topic: Run To Obtain [Monday 11 January, 2016]

“Know ye not that they which run in a race run all, but one receiveth the prize? So run, that ye may obtain.” -1 Corinthians 9:24

Every good athlete knows that the beginning of a race is a strong determinate to either your success or failure in it. How you start to a large extent determines your prize at the end of the race. That is why it is usually encouraged to put in your best from the start, so you will have a right standing till the end.

The race for the Winners’ family has begun. The truth is for every leg of this race, there are prizes to receive. It has been prophetically declared that we all have access to minimum seven visitations all through this prayer and fasting season. However, your own visitation will only be determined by you. God has so many packages reserved for you this year, you must engage to receive them.

The days are counting already and the clock is ticking. As Dr. David Oyedepo would always say, everyone is solely responsible for the outcome of his/her life. Remember, you need personal engagement for maximum delivery. The stage is set, people are running, winners are emerging, but it is never too late to join them. There is a glorious “rebranding” crown waiting for you and you will not miss it in the name of Jesus!

Therefore, tighten your belt; be armed with the sword of the Spirit and the Word of faith. Do not forget to include scheduled effective and effectual prayers to your fast. As fasting without prayer would only amount to hunger strike. Indeed, this season and year shall be your best ever till date. You are in for an adventure of ever-increasing glory.

Remain Blessed!
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